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It was only after I put on my first  custom fitted suit by The Knotsmen and took one long hard look in the mirror I knew in that moment that this was going to turn into a very expensive hobby. While I don’t consider myself the love child of George clooney and Jenifer Anniston in my opinion a good suit can make anyone look like a million bucks. 

I’ve been a customer of The Knotsmen since it’s inception and I pride myself on being one of if not the first customer of this brand that’s going to take the bespoke tailoring space by storm. The best part about The Knotsmen is not just the fact that the company is run by an extremely charismatic individual who could convince Jordan Belfort to buy a pen but the fact that he is backed by a team of extremely skilled individuals that anticipate your needs before you could yourself. I own three suits and a range of accessories from The Knotsmen and I’ve found that over and above the experience of shopping at their showroom they manage to provide you with some of the best materials at extremely competitive pricing with the flexibility to personalise a suit to cater to whatever your whims and fancies.

Aryan Menon

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